May 6, 2021

First time to go Den Haag yayy, it’s a beautiful and sunny day :3 luckily.

Meeting people at around 12.30pm, we went straight to the ice cream store to start our discovery journey :3

The scoops are much bigger than ones in Arnhem but they’re less creamy, you can taste the ice more. That’s reason why there’s a difference. Next, we moved to the city central, went sightseeing the marvelous and antique architecture of Den Haag. For a while, we enjoyed the kibelling, Sisi bubble milk tea and waffles. So yummy haha.

Next stop was the beach :3 we sat on the sand to enjoy the breeze and milk tea together. Long time no sea :3 I can see lots of families took their childrean to go and play skites, surf here, so peaceful. And we tried with the big wheel to see the whole view upon. Lately, we were back to Amsterdam and had a warm party together :3

A costly but worthful day:3

Love you all.

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