May 5, 2021

Oh wow, it’s 05/05 today :3 Do you know the feeling when you checked your phone in the morning and realised you had missed lots of things when you’re sleeping :)) I was in that situation.

This morning, when opening the group chat of my friends, I found out 2 of them have boyfriends :))) yay, good for them. But I want to be in the moment they announced that tho :)) they even video called to update about the love story, but I was sleeping at the time as well,

Then I went to work, hangout with a friend. He introduced me a Greece restaurant, we ate sandwich, it tasted so-so. Maybe I’m not get acquainted with these food, or maybe as he said, we will try another store next time. Let’s see. Btw, today is so windy. The wind was like trying to blowing up everybody walking outside :)) bad idea for eating ice cream, but I did it. my long hair kept coincidently stick to the cone.

Finally coming back home yay, I’ll pack stuff for 2-day hanging out with my friends. I’ll update with you guysss.

Good night and love you all.

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