May 2, 2021

I had a bonding meal with my Vietnamese girlfriends. 1 sis cooked fried noodles with seafood, I love the sauce a lot which has a strong aroma and rich flavour of Thai hot pot. Yummy yummy.

I also baked a small cacao cake, with the flour of my friend. The cake was so fluffy, I think I will buy that type in the next time I make a cake. It’s not hard as a rock like previous ones I had done before. We ate with whipped cream added little salt :3

Before that, I was at home, watched the remaining part of Suicide Squad. I tended to have a rest on Monday for exercise, I realised my body is ache so yeah…

My friend’s home as a weight scale and I check my weight, I think I get more muscles but the number still shocked me :))) I’m doing fat loss so I think It could change a bit. Let’s see.

Good night and love you all.

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