May 1, 2021

Well, hello May, let’s finish this month as strong as possible!!!

As I committed, I tried to walk to the nail salon for my health and economical saving. So I walked. I chose for a new route that less traffics and vehicles. Maybe because of that, I caught lots of beautiful bloom of flowers.

Worked for a day long till 5.30pm, I came home and started my workout lately. It’s leg and butt burn so I couldn’t feel the parts below my belly after the straightly 1 hour exercise :))

Not kinda studying day so I decided to watch Netflix until I got tired, I planned to finish Suicide Squad then video calling my parents in Vietnam, cause It would be 7 or 8am :)) but so sleepy, so I gave up :)))

Sleep is more important than everything at the moment.

Love you all.

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