Apr 30, 2021

Celebrate the Reunification Day of Vietnam, the date marked the milestone of 2 North and South parts are no longer separated.

Sometimes, I have an adventurous dream, about fighting the monsters or finding ways to escape from something. It took lots of energy to dream like that, and the dream always ends in an annoying way: open ending! Like I’m mostly one of the survivors or I’m in the suspending scene. Never have a chance to know the end, if yes, I could become a famous director. It’s so coincident that one of my friend see my future for me, the result saids I’m a person loves freedom and somehow I can be successful in Arts field, let’s see. Cause I’m kinda organised girl, so hmm not quite fit. But who knows what is gonna happen in the future right?

My family watched the albums together, It came from a day I asked my mom to take some pictures when I was young for a class at school. Then she took all the albums from the shelves, thanks to that we can all recall the old time. It’s really cute when seeing the reactions of people finding their “past” version. I think I will keep that tradition :3

This weekend will be sunny but the whole next week will have rains TT.TT While we’re gonna have a week-off for the holiday, cry cry. Hope It’ll change!

Good night and love you all.

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