Apr 28, 2021

I forgot that the class at 9am was replaced by the individual meeting with the coach, so I set the alarm at around 8.35am :))) I have more time to learn the vocabulary for the exam, not Spanish but another English one.

2 classes passed normally and I began with the new workout program. I think It’s more intensive than the guidelines published later on. I think Lilly adjust a bit so everyone can follow her guide. But today’s workout is really tough, I sweated a lot :)) Ah, I also found out, my first day of starting with Lilly’s workout is Feb 18. I noted down, I would count on this day in the future, to measure my development. I think It’s important to know that, to track where am I at the moment. Hence, in the future, when I look back, I have more motivations to keep working out.

To compensate for the cheat day yesterday, I was back to my normal diet. And you know what, perhaps I still felt pity but I read lots of posts, hear lots of videos that 1 cheat day doesn’t ruin your whole progress. Just don’t make it as an excuse for keeping eating and hurry coming back to your normal diet. And be patient as well, that’s what I remind myself everyday.

Good night and love you all.

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