Apr 27, 2021

It’s King’s Day of The Netherlands 🥳 so we have a day off from school. I went out with my friend to the central of Arnhem. We had a bunch of sweet: ice-cream, tiramisu and bubble tea from the newest store.

She took lots of pictures for me, I think after today I constantly know how to pose, how to control my eyes and postures. When passing by a place where people gathered, sang and danced together, It reminded me about my old club. Besides, my club hold a ceremony event today in Vietnam as well. Such a coincident thingy :))

After coming back home, one friend of mine said he would take pictures for me with the blossom trees near by my home. Because of that, I ignored the cold and went outside again :)) It was quite cold🥶 but when receiving pictures from him, It 101% worth! But I could’t keep myself from shaking, thankfully I drank a pack of cold tea that can decreased the feelings a little bit. One more lesson: health is key, don’t be so carefree! Take care of yourself, especially when you’re alone.

Happy King’s Day! Not the most cheerful day in the time I stayed here but still memorable.

Love you all.

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