Apr 26, 2021

Another lazy day, but I found out that I can get information from listening to audio book or podcast, beside reading books. I think I will spend the King’s day to compose the answers for Spanish oral, learn vocabulary of Spanish and another subject as well. I’d just recognised I’m going to take 2 separate exam of the Business Communication, which is even more harder. Thus, I think I should invest my time smarter to save for the future.

I took the last exercise of the workout program. Tomorrow will be another fat loss, I think I should reduce the fat as much as possible before starting think of building muscles! I can see changes have appeared constantly on my body since I used the burn fat exercise. It could be a signal that I’m on my right way!

There are some people registered the event yayyyy, I pray everyday that people in External team can get the confirmation soonly from the big companies. Thanks to that the event can attract widely to the youth. We have so many interesting activities in the event like Company fair, webinars, service 1-1 which has CV checking, mock interview, career consultant, etc. Sound impactful righttttt? The organising team are working so hard for this, so I hope we can nail it!

You guys can support me via join the event in this link https://www.facebook.com/events/277198587451238

Goodnight and love you all.

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