Apr 25, 2021

I dreamt a morning mare, that’s so awful :((( I even cried and felt hurt a lot in my chest. The bad dream made me so worried that I had to call my mom to worship the ancestors, God to wish for the blessing of the whole family members. After talking to my mom, dad and my best friend, they calmed me down a lot then I started to ease.

Sis Hang came to sis Chi’s home today and made a lot of Vietnamese dishes yay. There are fried dumplings, fried cakes :)) oily I know but it’s good. I know my limits. But they’re all so good, more even better with the fish sauce. One of the most delicious cuisine you must try would be Vietnam🌟.

In the evening, I had a video call with my Vietnamese girls then tried to finish the assignment at school to make it on track.

Let’s go to bed soon tonight so I can have a sweetdream❤️

Good night and love you all.

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