Apr 24, 2021

I went to the nail salon on foot, It took more than 5000 steps to arrive, I expected more but I think my speed is faster than before. Which is the good sign of my healthy lifestyle.

Busy day at the nail salon then I had a hot pot with sis Hang’s family yayyyyy. We had lots of topping like shrimps, squids with eggs, fish and beef. Soooo yummy. And pomelo sweet was a perfect way to finish the big meal. I didn’t drink too much cause I said I’m on diet so drinking alcohol harmful to my health :3

Go home and I realised one of the member in the seeding team for my PR campaign was the one I’ve already met. Cool :3 I even asked him whether you’re studying at HAN. he said yes and we’d already met before, and I be like: reallyyyy?!!! It was funny. And after several clues, I finally could remember who he is :)) although he remembers me. We chatted until 1am about our association, how’s his journey with the tea. When my eyes nearly closed up, I said goodbye him, actually I was tired before that but at the moment I discovered he studies at the same school with me, I was so excited that I forgot the tiredness :)))

Such a nice day with lots of surprise :3

Love you all.

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