Apr 23, 2021

Crazy day with seeding tasks. Knowing the seeding would take lots of time so I workout before hand.

Today is the event’s launching date of the Career Fair I’m in charge of leading the PR. It’s so nervous that I just kept opening and closing the tab, checking whether people of seeding team are approved to join in the groups or not. Thankfully, with the cooperation and dedication of all friends, we reached a good numbers❤️ I’ll keep it as a motivation to attempt more and more.

One of my friend was followed by a psycho man on the way she went to work. After texting her boy friend, she didn’t reply his message which made him worried so bad. Then the boyfriend’s contacted me to ask for her home address, all the girls in our Girls group worried as well. Luckily, she ran to a convenient store near by then called her boyfriend. So dangerous tho. You guys must be careful when going on the road.

Another lesson learnt from PR stuff, If I format the words by Yaytext, Facebook will assume these words as emojis, so it won’t show on search engine. The best way is keep it as original as possible! Like ourselves :3 Be original.

Love you all.

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