Apr 22, 2021

The schedule of today has the longest durations with classes. In the PR class, teacher gave us an exercise to play roles as PR managers and journalists. The journalist would asks questions about a problem of the company and PR manager would answers the queries. That’s really nice cause we could experience a bit the feelings of both sides, it’s like a small scale of a debate competition :))) we also can observe and learn a lot from our friends.

I spent the rest time checking tasks of PR campaign and watching films :3 calling my parents as well, I thought I couldn’t make it but the class ended sooner than it scheduled. I found out a podcast of Advertising Vietnam about programatic ads, a new tech of advertising in trading ads globally as well as advertise the proper ads to various customer. I also knew more about AI influencer, which uses the algorithm to create an influencer on social media and he/she can reply the comments of people automatically just like a real person, with different and suitable answers. I hadn’t known Vietnamese advertising industry has grown a lot like this. There are so many ways people can do with creative fields. One interview from a big brother in the field gave me a thought about quitting the job I’m collaborating with. I’m considering about it cause I think I need more time to learn and have more skills to really contribute, I need a refresh for myself as well. Hmm I’ll think of it clearly!

Have you had any decision that make you toss and turn? In the end, you know what you want, right? People would make a wrong choice several times in their life, the important point is: do you see it as a lesson to keep moving forward?

Good night and love you all.

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