Apr 21, 2021

Today is Hung Kings’ Commemoration Day according to the Lunar calendar of Vietnamese people. This day ceremonies the foundation of Vietnam in the past. Traditionally, most of Vietnamese people will be off on this day. I say mostly because there are some places still open like entertaining services, transportation, etc. People use this day for gathering, cooking and partying together. My family cooks hot pot or some traditional dishes to eat together :3 so miss the Vietnamese food🥺

Thanks to this day, I could meet more relatives when video calling to my family. My 5th aunt plants lots of jackfruit in the garden, It has had fruit already since last year. She and another uncle of mine would be the successors of my paternal grandpa in planting :3 and we will have a fruit garden yayyy.

Finally, I can find out the most terrible workout of Lilly Sabri :)) It’s the 40-minute-fat burn workout, I just thought It would last forever :))) so scared of the burpees OMG. My thigh and butt are sored when I sit for a bit long time. In spite of that, I’m thinking of doing the program again, because I want to lost fat before build muscle. I think I’m gonna ask on the Lilly Sabri group about this.

Btw, I think I’ll go to bed early cause I feel so sleepy now, maybe because I stayed up late and got up early this morning. See ya!

Good night and love you all.

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