Apr 20, 2021

I had a busy afternoon and evening today. The morning started normally and chilly with my Spanish class. After that, I went to the nails salon of sis Hang. The guests came and left constantly until 5pm, It were crowded and I had my first chance to polish a set of nails yayyyyyyyyyyyy.

Actually, after sis Hang asked me polished her and she said that she would give me a chance to do on customer’s hands because my skill is improved a lot. And my chance appeared :3 It was shaky a lot at the beginning cause I was afraid of making mistakes. However, after doing 3 fingers, I felt more calm and confident so I could a bit chilly finish the whole hands yayyy. My girl kept saying It’s so beautiful, which encouraged me a lot!!!

Then I came home, jumping to workout, having dinner and completing the tasks OMG. I almost shut downed the laptop but I had realised I didn’t write diary :3 so I’m hereeee.

How is your Tuesday :3 I have a sense that my incoming time would be so much more busyyyyyy.

Good night and love you all.

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