Apr 18, 2021

I saw off my brother in the Vietnamese student association this morning, to come back his home in Rotterdam city. After the drinking party, all girls went up to our room and slept. As a habit, I woke up at approximately 9am or over a bit, but I saw other girls still sleeping so I comforted myself to slept again :))) I tried my best but I could just sleep until 10am and I totally awoke.

It was a bit lonely to sit in a room that you’re the only one who was awoke, so I texted my brother whether the boys were sleeping or not. He said me can come to the room If I wanted cause they all got up. Hence, I jumped to the room and had a hot pot leftover from last night :3 the broth was less salty a bit.

On the was me and my bro went to the station, we should have waited for the bus in the station near by Helix, but we went for a long walk to go to other bus station. When we checked the timetable, It was gone >,< so we agreed to go for a few meters to take the sprinter instead. However, after we left the bus station for like 100m I guessed, we saw our bus passed by us urghhh so silly sister and brother :))) After that, we even mistook the cargo train with the commuter train :))) cause we hadn’t seen the train that ships cargo before, that was so funny.

Saying good bye my brother, I came back Helix to get my stuffs to come home, I felt something strange like there was something I didn’t remember to take it with, but I couldn’t figure out what it is. At the moment I unpacked my stuffed, I remembered it, a picnic carpet :))) I’ll go to Helix to pickup in another day. So many things to tell you guys when leaving home huh :3

Our PR department did extremely well in the music guessing game of the bonding meeting yayyyyy. In the remaining time of the day, I spent on working out, completing tasks and doing homework.

That’s perhaps a quick and enthusiastic brief of my day.

Good night and love you all.

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