Apr 17, 2021

The trip was greatttt. But the ice-cream isn’t as tasty as one in Arnhem. I also tried a bubble tea in the Nijmegen station which is yummy indeed. If you go to the city, you can give it a try at MIA. The mango and passion fruit milk tea is great, not too sweet and the price is reasonable with the big as well. We were also given fortune cookies per each. Mine is the nice quote, It coincidentally somehow reflects my decions and the way I manage my life in general.

Next, we went picnic in a park near by the city center. It has lots of green grass fields, a big castle and a lake in a middle. When I asked my friend to take pictures for me while I closing my eyes and lying on the grass. For a moment, I couldn’t hear any voices of guiding me to pose. Then I opened my eyes and I saw no one :)) my friend ran away and left my lying lonely on the grass :)) After that, I always tried to open my eyes for a few seconds to check!

When the wind become strong, we decided to come home cause It was quite cold. Then I had a big hot pot party with my friends until midnight, and we drank til 4am the next day :3 Long time no see them, so quite enjoyable.

Although I ate a lot yesterday but I didn’t regret, It’s your life and you only live once right :3

Love you all.

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