Apr 16, 2021

Today’s workout of Lilly was a truly killed section, I’m so proud of myself that I csn get though 40 mins burnt arms and upper body plus 15 mins cardio workout :))

The light bulb is burnt so I think I’m gonna go to bed right away, after finishing the blog. Finally, my first week of the 4th term ended. It was nice to come back the studying stuffs as well as a bit worried because there will be a lot of exams waiting for me in the end. Anw, let’s kill this year then I can become a sophomore, twice :))

I also need to sleep early to keep my mind fresh for the picnic in Nijmegen yayyyyy. It could be seen as a day off after exam week, I’ll enjoy 100%.

What’s your plan for the weekend? Let’s go out and find some fresh air, but be safe!

Good night and love you all.

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