Apr 15, 2021

If you notice, there is some weeks that the days of the week have the same order of the dates, for example today is Thursday and 15th April, both 5 huh. Ohhhh, It’s number 5 again :3 I told youuu, I have an unspoken lunatic relation with “5”.

I had one of the most longest periods among the classes I have studied since then, It was more than 3 hours. Thanks God that my teacher has an interesting method to keep us awake and follow the class, so it’s not too bad at all; except it lasts until the evening. Mom called me back at nearly 11pm in Vietnam today cause she saw a missed call from me, so sweet :3 I tended to call her before the class started at 2.30pm (GMT+2) but she was busy at that time. Then she called me back awwwwww, although I was struggling with my workout :))

And have you ever had a feeling that you don’t know what you should have for dinner? I always know meal for breakfast but dinner, no idea. I usually come up with the food when I’m hungry physically, so the dish mostly isn’t prepared appropriately :)) Nonetheless, I still have something to eat in the end so it’s all right :3 sis Chi said I’m only the person who can make and eat these dishes :))))

That’s a common story of studying abroad :3

Good night and love you all.

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