Apr 13, 2021

It was such a strange day that a unknown dude kept texting me and when he saw me ignoring him, he asked whether I want to continue the conversation or not. I said no.

And you know what, he said that I was racist to him cause I discriminated him by not talking to him and just wanted to talk to my Asian people. I’s so rude and insane right? And I felt so ridiculous, fortunately that my friends didn’t answer his messages so they’re all right.

When going to study nails, sis Hang let me to do her feet yayyyyy, my second customer after An Thy-my fellow. I also polished 2 fingers of hands of another customer :3 perhaps not a big achievement to you guys but me is yes. I had never thought I would work in the beauty world :3 And now I’m in, not too bad ~

Then I came home, worked out and finished some tasks before going to bed.

That’s my day. One highlight: don’t let any nonsense jerk affect to your day’s mood.

Love you all.

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