Apr 12, 2021

I got 9.6 out of 10 for Spanish yayyy, so happy. My effort and the support of my brother were paid off :3 I truly lightened up my light.

I watched The Platform on Netflix, It’s a horror movie reflect the reality of the inequality of social statuses, the ending is quite “quick” from my perspective. I expected more meaningful and ethical end. When I prepared breakfast, It was a bit lost my concentration that I dropped a place TT.TT It broke into pieces and I cut my hand when cleaning them.

My first class flowed smoothly, I formed a new group for the group’s presentation. In week 5, we will have a company visit then present the idea in front of the representatives to assess and choose the best pitch. Let’s rock this subject yay!

Not t many things to do after working out, I ate my dinner and had a small talk with my friends. A peaceful day. Wish you have. a productive week!

Good night and love you all.

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