Apr 11, 2021

I had a rest day before jumping into a new term :3 the schedule for 4th term is quite intensive, if not, it will be at mid-day. That’s really tough for me to arrange the timetable for learning nails, especially when it has longer hour classes on the 3 days of a week that I always choose to study nails.

I got some preparation for the PR campaign, and had a quick meeting with the team; who are responsible for creating content. I think It’s productive and fast, I believe my people. let’s rock it guysss.

One of my friend will fly to Hanoi to visit his family, I’m soo jealous with him. I missed that place a lot, the cuisine would be the most missing piece. I definitely discover all of areas of the North!

And hope my exam’s results would be good :3

Good night and love you all.

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