Apr 10, 2021

We got a semi-success trick towards Mr.Liem, husband of sis Hang :)) Today is his birthday, so sis Hang planned to hold a secret party for him.

In the morning, when I came to the nails showroom, his face looked so pity that I almost said Happy birthday to him. Because sis Hang pretended to forget his birthday so he seems sad :)) But I had to hold myself to keep the secret.

We worked to 3pm and asked him for leaving early to join workshop at school :)) In fact, we all gathered at sis Hang’s home to make bro Liem suprise :3

The plan was a bit failed in the end when bro Liem went home instead of going onto the car of one of his friend; and this person would drive him to home instead of the fake venue. Nonetheless, he was still surprised, it’s pretty kewt awwww. And we had a starving meal, my stomache was full with lots of food.

One more fortunate thing: I didn’t drink too much today, thanks to the presence of my friends yayyy. I had more time to focus on eating :)))

It was super super yummy😋.

I think I can sleep well tonight :3

Good night and love you all.

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