Apr 9, 2021

Another big lesson from the nails showroom: the position of the table illustrate your credibility and competency. The nearer of its, the higher in expertise you’re assumed by the customers.

So sleepy today because of staying up till 2am this morning. Then I gave up with walking to the nails showroom and decided to went home on foot in stead. I really did it :3 I achieved more than 8000 steps yayyy. And I also found out one thing: the price for the distance for central to the nearest station to central is higher than the price for the one from my home to the station. Although the length of the distance is opposite. It’s really weird huh ?!! Lilly’s workout is really a life-saving for my day, then I had a meeting with my brother for the incoming PR campaign. Done for the day :3

Let’s go to bed soon tonight to recharge my battery for tomorrow!

Good night and love you all.

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