Apr 5, 2021

Today is my pestie birthday 🥳🥳🥳 we were born on the same day, but different months. That’s a 5 fate, most of our important events are related to 5.

The weather today was really a troll to me. Drizzling in the morning, snowing and sunny took turn to occur till evening. Thanks God It wasn’t a snow storm, if yes, I don’t have any clues how to go to school to take the exam on Thursday.

I was delightful that I’d done many things for the PR campaign of the event as well as studied for the English. Efforts make progress you know. Hopefully, my commitment pays off.

One of my close friend dared me to create a love rumor with him 🙂 and I motivated myself to make it. But It seemed I’m the one who was backfire, not him. I tagged him on the facebook’s posts, as same as I did with my real ex-boyfriend in the past :))) btw, it’s fun tho but it’s gonna end soon or I’ll be stuck with the rumor :)) don’t mean that tho.

Thanks for reading my words.

Good night and love you all.

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