Apr 1, 2021

I had a day off :3

I went out to find cherry blossoms and gave myself a day to relax.

It was worthy because I even had more than finding the flowers. I was given a big branch of Mulan flower and pictures. I discovered there are lots of beautiful kinds of flowers on the way to my home. I also had a chance to eat icecream- my fav food. It’s reall really delish, 101% ensurance for the quality!

Moreover, I had one new friend, the man who took pictures for me. He’s so kind and nice. Later on, we found out that we live near by esch other and have some common things. So great huh?!!

I think my 45-minute walking was truly worthy after all.

I believe I’ll sleep tight and have a sweet dream tonight, with flowers🌸

Good night and love you all.

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