Mar 28, 2021

The timezone changed after the midnight, so It shortens the gap with the Vietnamese time zone from 6 hours to 5 hours only. Which is not a big deal :)) I just need to notice when setting meeting with my boss and call my family.

I learnt for tomorrow test then rest and learnt. After a month, me and sis Chi went to the Asian supermarket to buy Vietnamese stuffs, which aren’t sold in the Presikhaaf mall. I bought the rice paper, white rice (I’m too tired of the red rice which takes too much time and efforts to cook successfully), a pack of udon yay, frozen fish (It can be eaten for a month :3).

Today’s workout of Lilly is truly killing exercise to me, It’s so harsh OMG. I was extremely happy when she said it’s done. After that, I took a shower to be fresh for the first exam day :3 Studying and going to bed soon tonight!

Wish me luck guys :3

Love you all.

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