Mar 27, 2021

I can replace the lavatory sink yayyy, with sis Chi. I realized when I came here, I had chances to do something that I had never thought I could do before. I helped sis Chi replace the build several weeks ago. Then today, I helped her with replacing the parts of the lavabo :3 Because there is no man in our home (Except little Phong), so it is what it is. It was not complicated as I thought, just be patient and try to observe and give trial.

I called to my family today and everyone is great, I have a habit of calling them in the morning, right after I finish with the sanitary process. Following up with that would be obviously revising the lessons for the examination. You guys would stop to hear the word “examination” might be after the April 8😉. Be aside with me in this timeee :3

Before going to bed, I completed with going through all Spanish vocabulary and I think I’m doing well, just need to study more!

The lockdown will be extend till the end of April so my next term gonna be conducted online *cry cry*, hopefully my exchange and internship in the 3rd would be affected. But the curfew is extended one more hour, so everyone can be outside before 10pm, instead 9pm. The new rule will be validated after Mar 31!

Yep, that’s all for my Saturday.

Good night and love you all.

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