Mar 23, 2021

We have a sentence that ” Don’t leave the today’s work until tomorrow”, so It motivates me to write post on the right day!

I think most of the stories I updated with you guys would be about the portfolio and exam, cause this is their “week” :3

There’s a cute moment today I eagerly want to share with you guys. I know I’m a demanding person so I would try my best to make sure I can achieve the highest result, in everything I involve. It sometimes causes pressure to my team mates or members, but I hadn’t heard words from them, until today :3 My teammate of a subject sent me a message about the feelings when I kept demanding to fix the assignment, and I laughed when I received it, It’s cute to me. Quite straight-forward girl but in a kewt way. It gave me another “odd” but “funny” teamwork experiences.

Come back to my preparation: I finished the writing papers for all subjects I believe, and I will spend the other days learning it, by heart and mind literally. Fighting!!!

If I can learn 70% of them, I will arrange to go to nails shop on Thursday and Friday. Let’s see.

Good night and love you all.

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