Mar 22, 2021

The exam is coming so I need to be hurry up completing the portfolio. That’s the reason why me and my team-mate Bunga went to HAN library to study together.

And because of the pandemic as well as the increase of student’s demand in studying at library, we now have to make a reservation in advanced. Today is the first day of the new rule so I didn’t have to book before hand, and I also didn’t know how to do that. It’s fair and ironical scene in the library that: a student comes -> the librarian said about the reservation -> student confusedly said I didn’t hear about that (we all don’t know indeed) -> librarian: It’s fine, I’ll help you but next time please book! -> and tadaaa, you have a place.

I sat until 6pm to make sure all assignment in there, the texts are aligned and the colour is consistent. I tended to finish the theory but it turned out that I couldn’t. It’s fine, I’ll do it tomorrow.

On the way to home, I passed by Albert Heijn to see and wandered without finding anything I can buy, so I went home. Because of arriving home lately, my workout started late as well, and my dinner was at nearly 9pm. I gave myself a break by watching a typical film on Netflix and realized I burned out 2 hours for that. Let’s go to bed soon so I could relieve after several days of working and waking up early.

Quite busy for the exam huh ?!!

Thanks for your reading :3

Love you all.

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