Mar 21, 2021

It was a super cold day today🥶 and I think because of the yesterday’s alcohol, I felt dizzy. Nonetheless, I still could work normally :3 I think Only feeling hungry can prevent me from working.

I had an interview with my friend for the class on Monday. It has been several months that we saw each other. Waking up early gave me more time to do assignment and study for the exam. But I was still tired, until I finished my workout. My body was warmer and I felt better. In the end of the day, I didn’t know what to eat, then I wrapped tortilla with veggies and fried eggs :3 sis Chi as Was I in diet? I’m always in diet tho, It’s just I’m not that kinda cutting calories too much.

Then I worked with my family online till midnight. The sleepy feeling kept forcing me to go to sleep and I also have a 8.00am interview on Monday, so.. It’s to go to bed :3

Wish you have a nice and productive week!

Love you all.

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