Mar 20, 2021

After receiving the assignment of a subject at school, I decided to wake up early ti have a meeting with my boss then interview him for that. It was so cold in that day, especially in the morning. However, we couldn’t; conduct the interview cause my boss was busy and I told him quite urgent. It’s fine, I had more time to prepare to go to the nails.

I think It could be because of waking up early, I felt so sleepy the whole day, which made me lose my concentration at work. I even glued clumsily the nails for a customer. In the end of the day, I was invited to sis Hang’s home to eat :3 It has been a long time that I could eat “mam nem”, a super exclusive dish from Vietnamese. We had pork, squid, grilled fish and beef. Every Saturday I go to work is just like a party day :)) Sis Hang drank alcohol 0% but still got drunk, she looked kept when hugging her son I said Mama drunk :3 I really love to see the scene of sis Hang’s family.

We finished before 9.00pm to come home, cause the curfew still validates. I also had a meeting with my team to brainstorm ideas for the incoming event. 2 sisters said I was quite hype :))) We worked productively till midnight and chatted with each other about the team.

Ah :3 such a pleasant day.

Love you all.

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