Mar 19, 2021

I finished my week goal: finish the Spanish vocabulary of 6 weeks yayyyy.

Because I didn’t want to skip my final classes so I didn’t go to nails shop today, and I went to school instead. It was a sunny day so why don’t you go outside right?

I had a video call with my dad and he said: I look so pretty today 😊 that’s kwet awwww. It’s the spotlight of my day :3

Btw, I went to the library to return the book that I had never touched cause I realized I wasn’t interested in reading it. After finishing the self-study, I came back home to do the stretching and revised the vocab.

I’m on my way of preparing for the final exam of term 3! Wish me luck guys, I’ll try my best!

Thanks for your supporting.

Good night and love you all.

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