Mar 15, 2021

I went to school to change the studying view, It was also because the weather forecast said today would be a sunny day. So I packed my stuffs and walked to HAN.

Everything was perfect until It started raining😀 I shouldn’t have believed in the forecast. The weather kept raining for a while and sunny; then rain and sun took turn to “troll” me. Sitting from 10.30am till nearly 4pm made me feel tired and hungry but I couldn’t come home because of the “annoying” weather. And I tried to hold out to 5pm and I kept my eyes on the sky to find the golden moment to “fly” to my home.

It was soo cold outside and when I was on my half way, It drizzled a bit, not too heavy thanks God. Mission completed: come home safely!

Then I did workout, one of the most intensive day in my entire life, OMG. Before ending up my day at 2am the next morning, I videocalled with my brother to check my Spanish vocabulary as I promised, I did 80% of them, still great huh?!!

Last but not least, I spend 30 minutes reading papers of The fault in our stars. It has been a week since the date I borrowed from my VSNL’s sister.

That’s all, for a rainy day.

Love you all.

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