Mar 13, 2021

I learnt to do nails on foot and some tips to paint the nails neatly and beautifully today. My friends also came to the nails so we had “patient” to be our trials.

After that, I was invited to sis Hang’s house to eat her speciality this. We drank 3 bottles of red wine. In the beginning, bro Liem said that my drinking capacity is great, OMG then the other bro kept invite me to drink the wine :))))) There were lots of dishes like sashimi salmon, and another typical raw fish of The Netherlands, shrimps, beef and Bun ca – the special one. My stomach was so full and I was a bit dizzy because of the wine as well.

When coming home, I video called with my brother till midnight for the “working session” :))) We listened a list of Vietnamese song and I dare him to guess the songs’ names.

That’s all for a full-of-food day :3

Love you all.

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