Mar 11, 2021

I had a super duper productive day, and I made bubble milk tea sponge cake: 80% success🎉

I called my brother till nearly 3am of Mar 12, we found out the theory of the influence of supervisors on the staffs’ motivation, which is cool huh?!! When you know the norm you apply in your daily life is studies academically.

Back to the cake, because of not prefer the sweetness, I decrease the amount of sugar but I forgot to change the salt. So, the cream is salty more than I expected, but it wasa all right if you use a little of cream. The accident happened when sis Chi said my cake was not sweet, I told her to add more cream but I forgot to tell her don’t take too much, I was too late 🥲 you guys could imagine the result :v

Another lesson I attained was don’t put cream on the entire cake when you’re not sure you can finish it at once. It woule be like a mess, definitely after your first bite ^^ so, don’t be silly.

That’s all :3 thanks for supporting me.

Love you all.

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