Mar 9, 2021

I’ve just submitted the form, phew. This morning a friend of mine texted me whether I sent the form or not, It made me really happy indeed, cause I confined her that I had an intention to apply for the organisation. Although I didn’t apply to work in the same team of hers, she still cared about my application :3

I went to school today to complete assignment with my teammate, we all agreed that we loved to working physically than virtually, so I think we’ll meet up next week to complete the remaining part of the project.

Since Sunday, I would have stomache when It comes to 4-5pm, It’s probably because of my unstable eating diet or the new workout program. I’ll pay more attention to my healthcare cause I don’t want it affect to my work, I’m going to have exam at the end of March.

The weather becomes really cold these days, I though It would be warmer after the snow, but it’s not. I miss the 2 week before so much, It was full of sunshine.

Bring my sun back pleaseeeeeee.

Wish you have a wonderful week!

Good night and love you all.

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