Mar 8, 2021

Happy Women’s Dayyyyy🌹

Wish all women in the world always beautiful as a rose, smart as a sunflower and lovely as a daisy.

My PR team in the Vietnamese student association in The Netherlands created a short inspirational film to celebrate this special occasion. `We were so enthusiastic with spreading out the meaningful messages of the clip, to tell you: we had more than 10,1k views yayyyy.

Besides, I also had a working call with my friends till 2pm, that’s a reason why I didn’t post my diary yesterday :3

I don’t know but I think you can imagine the feelings of after 2-long-day of hanging out then you realized there are tons of deadline waiting for you to deal with. That’s me now :))) It’s like karma. I also haven’t finished my application form for an organisation, I’ll definitely complete it on Mar 9!

That’s all, wish me have enough money to live until the end of this March :3

Love you all.

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