Mar 7, 2021

I was overnight at my friend’s home yesterday. It’s a spontaneous decision so I didn’t bring anything to prepare. One friend completed her editing video tasks, while me and another there talking about how to raise a child. I spoke so much that my friend recorded a time lapse video to show me about that, I was also surprised that how can I keep talking like that :))))

In the morning, we had a simple breakfast with bread, fried eggs and pate from Jumbo. And I realized how good pate of supermarket it is, I hadn’t trusted the quality of this type of product, which are sold in supermarket. But now, I changed totally, I think I’ll go to Albert Heijn to try one.

Today is a gloomy day, the weather is so cold that my hands turned red when we stood outside the militia store to order drinks. I think I spent nearly 20euros for milk tea only. I need to squeeze my expense in the next 3 weeks or I’m gonna run out of money soon. Then I came back home and had a meeting with my team.

I’m so tired with the length of the meeting then we ended at 7.30pm: a 3-hour meeting call. And I found out something to discuss with my partner about the PR stuffs so I called my brother. Our called occurred the same timeline like the previous call, 30 minutes for working then we used the remaining time for chatting :))) Until both of us felt so sleepy and we stopped.

That’s all for my weekend :3 Hope you also find some joys for yourself in this “lockdown” time.

Good night and love you all.

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