Mar 6, 2021

I had a WONDERFUL with capitalised letters day!!!

We went to Utrecht and then Amsterdam, the weather was really nice with sunlight and not too much windy. I was full with a loaf of bread, 3 scoops of ice cream, kibbeling (a speciality of The Netherlands, it is same as fried fish with garlic sauce), Vietnamese bread, 2 cups of milk tea and Korean food. My friend said why there were so many food on my Instagram and Facebook story :)))

Besides the food, we went around two cities and laughed non-stop for no reason. It was worthy for 2 days out of study and work :3 It was so fun that I forgot to write diary then It was delayed till the evening of Mar 7.

There are no words can describe the joy that we had, everything was stored in our heart and soul ❤️ Wish you could find a “family” like that, beside your real family.

Love you all.

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