Mar 2, 2021

Well, I turned off the alarm today to could sleep like a baby, but I had a nightmare hmm. It wasn’t actually like “nightmare” as its definition to be honest, but still had a bit obsess in my mind after waking up.

My brother sent me a picture of “double cream”, which one his friend used to make brownies. It turned out that it’s whipping cream, I’d just bought 2 boxes of 500ml a day before, so I think I’m not gonna waste it.

When sis Chi rode me on her car on the route today, I didn’t understand why I felt a bit homesick. I missed the roads on Vietnam, where are always filled with motorbikes, cars, bikes. They’re full of noises and do not have so many spaces like here. I missed the afternoon I rode my scooter from school to home, sometimes stuck in the traffic jams, sometimes stop to buy street food. Or might be It because of the broken-heart music sis Chi turned on in the car :))

I’m writing diary and the smell of the chiffon cake keeps seducing me into the guilty street. Nah, I’m not gonna eat youuu.

Let’s finish my day with a film I’m watching: Notting Hill, the scenes are in England yayyy. 1st place I want to travel in the future! I’m interested in watching films that show the architectures of European styles, so charming and tranquillising.

What’s a film that you have watched recently?

Exchange it to your friends :3

Good night and love you all.

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