Mar 1, 2021

I got used to typing or doing anything with 9 fingers :)))

It might be a coincidence but my ex-member asked me how was my finger, I guessed she read my yesterday’s diary. But she said she dreamed of cutting my hands so that’s why she asked me that question today. Nahhh I wouldn’t believe that tho :3

I set an alarm at 8.30am in order to change my habit but I couldn’t. After being waking up by the ring, I turned it off and came back to my warm bed again :3 You can’t resits the attractive of ittt.

I had a short class today, then I went to a supermarket to buy ingredients to make desserts, but I couldn’t find double cream hmmm, I asked my brother to ask his friend about the product she bought. It might help probably. And if yes, I will do brownies yayyyyyy.

I had a productive meeting with my teammates for brainstorming ideas for the incoming event, I’m sooo enthusiastic this time cause I’m a leader of content team. It has been half of a year that I’m in charge of leader position. I’ll try my best 💪💪💪.

I did Khuc Bach sweet gruel this afternoon, It’s a bit sweeter than I expected, AGAIN! I’ll check the result tomorrow and let you guys know.

Thanks for your support :3

Good night and love you all.

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