Feb 28, 2021

I went to the Asian supermarket today yayyy, I bought brown sugar, bubble tea and tapioca pearls to make bubble tea cake :3 and brownies yayyyyyyyyyyyyy. Let’s see whether can I manage them. I baked chiffon cake this afternoon, but I didn’t mix it as foamy as It should have been so It wasn’t soft as It expected. I think when I come back Vietnam, I can do some dessert smoothly for my family and friends :3

I think I become 9 fingers Annie again, and this time must be longer than the previous one. Haiz :(( when pushing the mattress into sis Chi’s car, I might be because of the push that I carelessly banged my nail. It didn’t feel hurt just after I was done.

Hope it will over soon, I will let it rest for a few weeks :)))) I usually have unexpected accident with my fingers tho :3 I noticed that I rarely cut my hands recently and then another karma came, I was happy too soon,

Nvm I’ll be alright :3 I’m a strong girl you knowwww.

Thanks for your reading :3

Good night and love you all.

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