Feb 27, 2021

I was sooo sleepy after the party, my team in VSNL had another film shooting at my home. I worked until 4pm then everything is 80% done.

My younger brother at VSNL sent me brownie recipe from his friend yayyyyyyyyy. I’ll make it, definitely, it’s not complicated at all and the ingredients are easy to find :3 let’s seeeee.

Besides, I also had another task for the film project: recordings. It was piece of cakes only when I rehearsed. The moment the record started, my voice changed and It took me lots of time with several records. I changed the postures, tone of voices and recording devices. And finally, after done with all tasks for the day, I could comfortably go to bed, read a few chapters of Kafka on the shore and sleep :3

Although I was tired but I didn’t skip the workout exercise of Lilly Sabri, It’s so intensive. OMG, but no pain no gain! And I love her exercises, It’s interesting, she didn’t use too many repeated exercises which make the program more motivational and triggering.

I knew, It’s not Feb 27 but I tried to keep the habit of writing daily diary, It gives me a chance to store my memories :3

See ya and love you all.

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