Feb 23, 2021


I wish all best things come to you, always smile cause I love your smile, I think I take after that gene from you, and be healthy, that’s the most important thing I want for both you and dad now. Always love youuu to the moon and back.

My mom birthday is on Feb 24 but It’s on Feb 24 already in Vietnam :3

I made a serious investment for my diet plan today: bought a protein powder box! I also changed some ingredients in my meals per day, I will keep track and listen to my body in the incoming weeks.

I think I’m gonna need a tutor in Spanish :)) just kidding, I found a Spanish website in Vietnamese, so I will make a progress on it! Double effort for better results. Our teacher isn’t get used to using Breakout room in Microsoft Teams so she sometimes ended my room when we were practicing or even just figuring out what we should do :)) Thanks to a girl in my room today, my mind was opened something :3

I had a nice conversation with my Indonesian teammate-Bunga, we talked until midnight although she usually go to bed at 9pm or 10pm :3 Do you know: In Indonesia, people call McDonalds as McD not McDonalds, new thing to me :3 We exchanged movies, I introduced her “All the bright places’ and she told me to watch “The Notebook”, definitely spend time watching it.

I had a foolish accident today. In the choosing payment method for my mom’s gift, I lost my concentration and chose “COD-pay when delivering” instead of paying via internet banking TT.TT It will be very ironic that my mom received the present and paid for it, cause I’m in The Netherlands so I can’t at home to pay for it. I asked one of my friend contact the store to change the method, hope it work, or not I’m going cry.

That’s all for today’s diary. Thanks for supporting me.

Good night and love you all.

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