Feb 22, 2021

My first day of school after Spring break was easy and smooth. Although I was a bit freeze when the teacher called my name to give an explanation about a theory. My mind was wondering around at that time, thanks God, my class’s teacher had my back. To make clear, we have 2 teachers for this class, in order to save time, they cooperate to teach theory together and each class has their own time to work on the assignment. My teacher is chill and so friendly, he doesn’t put too much pressure on it, whereas the teacher of the other class is hmm a bit strict.

I watched all the series of Twilight, It’s great :3 indeed, despite I love the supporting cast more than the main couple. From my point of view, the file isn’t prominent for the cast acting a lot, It might be because the portrays of the characters are beautiful, and the breathtaking scenes.

I had my handmixer yayyyyyyy, gotta do something :3 Btw, I’ll be in charge of leading the content part at the PR for the incoming event of the Vietnamese society I’m taking part in. Hmm perhaps It has been long time since I took leader position, so a bit nervous, I’ll try my best!

Last enlightening moment of my day, I think I found my joy in food, with more veggies and less meat, I’m think of just eat fish and eggs only hmmm. I’ll track on my health and adjust the diet properly, in the end, I still want to be healthy first. But it’s so yummy when adding a lot of veggies in your meal, they’re also full but not too much fat. You should try :3

That’s all for today, thanks for supporting me.

Good night and love you all.

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