Feb 20, 2021

Yesterday, one of members from my charitable club told me that she typed my name in a content post instead of the name of the current leader of that team :))) I must leave lots of marks in their club’s journey. Arghh, I miss them so much, their sincerity, innocence and youthfulness always adore me.

Today, I had a chance to chat with my close friend in Vietnam, the conversation helped me realized something about the balance in my previous life. Flashback to the time I was in Vietnam, I spend nearly almost my time on extracurricular activities, It’s fun and teaches me lots of lessons. Unintentionally, I forgot to take care of my people: family, friends, and myself. After going abroad, being free from all of the activities, I have more time to look after my family’s members, more parties with friends and more private spaces for my hobbies. I didn’t regret for the old time, I treasured it because If I didn’t try hard like that, I could’t attain what I’m having right now. And If I have a chance to choose, I will definitely make the same choice. However, I will endeavour rearrange my source of time to enjoy this wonderful life, honestly.

And I think I found out the next country I must pay a visit in the near future: England. After watching Pride&Prejudice, I think I truly fell in love with the charming and elegant architecture of this country, I even had an odd feeling that I was there before, in the scenes. They are so familiar and hmmm nostalgic, that’s weird huh?!! For a girl that has never travelled to a foreign country except The Netherlands like me. I believe in destiny so It must be true that I’m gonna make my intention become real!

That’s all :3

Good night and love you guys.

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