Feb 19, 2021

Hi guysssss

The weather was warmer today so I decided to wore a sport bra within a coat outside. Everything was right until I was full after a big meal with my girls, I literally couldn’t breath :)))

This is FURIOUS, my team in Brand Building class! Except Anna (we’ve known each other in the Vietnamese society), theses two girls are friends that I love to teamwork and talk with. We made a common dish which are tortillas eating with toppings: avocado, stir-fried chicken, veggies, cheese; and we finished with blueberry yogurt ice-creammm. Yayyyy. the girl on the right is Bunga, sat behind her is Valesca. Bunga even made a short clip recorded our day, It’s sooo kept. Although my face looked so round in this picture but I still love it😊 It’s a spotlight of my day :3

I didn’t have enough time so I couldn’t make cake hmmmm let’s see. I’m conflicting between diet and sweet :333

Thanks for reading my today’s diary!

Good night and love you all.

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