Feb 18, 2021

What did I do today?🧐

I started with the new workout program of Lilly Sibra, the first day isn’t intensive as I thought. I would like to challenge myself and refresh my routine so I changed the program, hope It’ll be efficient. My mom was successful with her first online class today, although she called me at 2am this morning (8am in GMT+7) to ask for support, but then my younger sister gave her a hand so everything was alright :3

Nonetheless I wasn’t in Vietnam, my relatives sill gave me lucky money 😊 yayyyy, I will have some “asset” when coming back home. And, I finally found out a friend to buy Adobe package with me, double yayyyyyy. He’s my teammate working in Vietnamese student association in The Netherlands, which is convenient. If I had known that, I wouldn’t have posted on my social media story and Facebook group >.<

I started with a new book, actually It was a continuation of the unfinished resolution, cause I read a few chapters of the book 2 years ago. Its name is How to talk to anyone of Leil Lownders. It’s pretty cool indeed, I realized I did use some tricks in my life but I haven’t noticed about them, I think I should be more sophisticated to improve myself!

I tried fruit pancake :3 It’s soo yummy tho, and kept with the filter. I’m thinking of making Basque burnt cheesecake, hmm let’s me see. If I do, I’ll share it to you. Btw, I have a meeting with my group mate tomorrow in Helix :3 but not with my gangs, we tend to prepare common dish of the European family, sounds exciting💕 I’ll update you guys later. Byee.

Good night and love you all.

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