Feb 17, 2021

I thought today was a normal day besides one thing that I instructed my mom how to use Zoom. It’s funny and lovely to teach our parents doing something related to technical.

Because of the pandemic, the ministry of education in Vietnam approached the policy that all schools have to conduct online teaching. My mom’s primary school requires teachers use Zoom as well as create tutorial videos for students. It’s sad that almost people lives in my area are blue-collar workers so they don’t have enough time and awareness of taking care of their children’s studying, they “transfer” that duty to teachers. I really love teachers, especially who teach 1st grade. It’s not only because my mom teaches that level but also this is the foundation of any children, so it’s extremely important. My mom will start her first online class tomorrow, hope everything will be okay!

Ahhh, about the event that is quite interesting. After sending my wishes to my former teacher, I read my messages to him in the secondary school, It’s soooooooo childish :))) I can’t keep smiling when scrolling up to the old messages, then I searched for another conversation with a friend, it’s the same, childish :)))) I can’t imagine how could I text that. And I even found out that I nurtured a dream of “going abroad” when I was in secondary school, not in high school. So, It’s always there :3

Now, I am on the way to pursue the second ambition!

That’s all :3

Good night and love you all.

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