Feb 16, 2021

I was soaking into The Story of Yanxi Palace series that I forgot the time :))) It has always been addicted, me and my family watched several times, even today, sis Chi started to watch it. When going downstairs to have a snack, I heard some familiar voices of the actors from the TV, and yes it is, the movie :))

Yay, I accidentally found this picture on Instagram, I recalled the awesome tastes when enjoying the dessert and full leaf milk tea at Cheese coffee, one of my favorite brands in Vietnam. I’m in love with their creamcheese and especially I have a goal that I must try all desserts in the store. Definetely do after coming back Vietnam! I even said to myself that If there’s any boy can remake any kind of Cheese’s dessert, for sure I’ll date him :)))

I finished some assignments and task, quite satisfied. I think I’m gonna finish with completing the remaining homework then I can reboost my 1st week after spring break without any panicking :3 Anw, I found that iphone creates video clips for journey people had, It’s so nostalgic and memorable, my vibrant Christmas break. And I tend to change my facebook’s avatar, do you have any captions that’s suitable? Tell me if you come up with some :3 It’ll be so thankful😉


Good night and love you all!

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